Need Another Excuse to Eat More Chocolate?

It is associated with lower risk of heart attack.
A study published last year examined whether eating chocolate is good for the heart. The large study included 67,640 Swedish women and men who completed food-frequency questionnaires (and had no cardiovascular disease) plus five other clinical studies on chocolate consumption. Heart attack and ischaemic heart disease (blocked arteries causing reduced blood to the heart) cases were then followed up through the Swedish National Patient and Cause of Death Registers and other databases.
The results: A total of 6,851 heart disease cases were reported in following years. The overall relative risk for the highest versus lowest category of consumption showed that chocolate provided a whopping 90% reduction of risks. Although these published results don’t stipulate what type of chocolate (high cocoa content vs milk), or exactly how much was eaten, researchers concluded that moderate chocolate consumption is associated with lower risk of both heart attacks and ischaemic heart disease.
(Susanna C Larsson, Agneta Åkesson, Bruna Gigante et al., “Chocolate consumption and risk of myocardial infarction: a prospective study...” Heart, 2016 July 1 ;102(13):1017-22. Epub Mar 2016)

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