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Janie's Story - Oh My Sore Eyes!

Janie's Story - Oh My Sore Eyes

Janie, 56, is a professional writer, and so works long hours at her computer. About two years ago, she started getting headaches that would persist at her forehead, along her eyebrows and at her temples. She began noticing that her eyes were often sore, even just after waking in the morning when she should feel refreshed.
She immediately made an appointment with her optometrist to have her eyes tested because she felt she may need new glasses. When the doctor completed several eye health tests and results came back that her eyes were very healthy and needing the same prescription that she’d been wearing, she began to worry.
Was there something else wrong with her eyes, or perhaps her brain, to cause the headaches? Should she visit her family doctor and get an MRI to be sure? Was there something in the air quality – such as summer forest fires – that made her eyes sting even upon waking?
Janie also began noticing that wrinkles around her eyes seemed much more pronounced, and felt that it was more than just menopause causing the change in her appearance. A friend she hadn’t seen in a few months even commented on it. Should  she invest in expensive anti-wrinkle eye cream, she wondered?
Janie decided to take an objective view of the situation, and consider that other issues may be causing the three symptoms: headaches, sore eyes, and excessive under-eye wrinkling — to find out if they were even related. By considering each one individually, she was able to solve all of them within six months. Here is how.
Janie’s headaches: It was a physiotherapist who determined that Janie’s headaches were due to her posture, and many years of hunching for hours over her computer. He explained that her upper chest and deltoid (front shoulder) had become overworked, and strong, while her upper back, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and triceps had become weaker. This imbalance overburdened her shoulders and neck, and sent tension pain from them to forehead. She hired a personal trainer to help retrain her back muscles and show her exercises to do twice per week to gain more back muscle mass, improve her sitting posture, and stretch her tight neck and shoulder muscles twice daily. Improvements were noticed within two weeks, and she had no headaches within a few months.
Janie’s eye irritation: Janie had eye strain. She hadn’t realized that her new hobby, fine art painting, although relaxing and deeply satisfying, was putting much more strain on her eyes when coupled with her writing work. She vowed to make changes: she no longer spent unnecessary time at her computer watching videos and on social media, and avoided watching TV. She rescheduled her workload to accommodate her artwork and writing, and took weekends off from both. When writing, she increased the font size of all documents, website text and emails, and reduced glare and light intensity on her screen to ease her eye’s strain.
Janie’s eye wrinkling: After Janie took a two-week vacation from work, and consciously took more breaks while working on her writing and artwork, her eyes revealed less tiredness and strain with reduced winkled appearance. She also began pampering her delicate skin more with a twice-daily totally natural moisturizer, and even dabbed virgin olive oil around her eyes. Several people commented on her more youthful skin.

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