Give Your Tummy a Break: Have a Mini Fast

If you have digestion issues, make one meal per week a liquid one. And preferably, make it dinner.
The idea of missing even one meal might put you in a tailspin, but fasting has many benefits. Your hard-working digestive system requires high amounts of energy. In fact, your digestive system can drain the body’s energy needed for healing and repairing digestive and other organs by processing the food you eat.
Fasting has been practiced for thousands of years for curing illness, rejuvenation, mental clarity, and cleansing the body of parasites and other toxins. It is actually a natural body requirement, too: when you're sick, your appetite usually diminishes. Although water-only fasts (and more extreme detox methods such as the Master Cleanse) should only be undertaken if you are experienced and understand the steps and side effects, gentler cleanses can be done by almost everyone.
How? For one meal per week, preferably dinner, eat a raw food diet of only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have a juicer, or want to increase the process further, prepare a green smoothie with a greens powder in a blender. Eating only a multi-vegetable salad (try to add 10 different veggies) and consuming bone and vegetable broth at another dinner will also increase your digestion, and give your body an additional break.
Things to avoid: The most difficult foods to digest are: dairy, meat, legumes (beans), deep-fried foods, raw cruciferous vegetables, whole grain bread/pasta, corn and artificial sweeteners.

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