Remember when vitamin E was the go-to vitamin that topped nutrition trends? Was it hear-say hype or an unsung hero that now gets forgotten?
According to new research in the journal Molecular Neurobiology (April 2018), vitamin E is not only vital for the brain, it quietly helps the currently trendy fish oil do its work.
Many studies have examined fish oil for improving everything from ADHD to Alzheimer's disease. A group of Chinese researchers wanted to find out whether the benefits of omega-3 in the fish oil were supported by other nutrients. They found that, like other studies, fish oil supplements definitely improved behavioral performance and reduced oxidative stress (free radicals in the brain) by increasing omega-3 fatty acids. But in this study, omega-3s especially helped those subjects that had low or average amounts of vitamin E in their diet compared to those that already had plenty of vitamin E. Therefore, the scientists feel that the brain promoting effects of omega-3s may be tied to whether there is enough vitamin E in the diet or not.
(Dong, S, Huang X, Zhen J et al.,“Dietary Vitamin E Status Dictates Oxidative Stress Outcomes by Modulating Effects of Fish Oil Supplementation in Alzheimer Disease” Mol Neurobiol. 2018 Apr 14. doi: 10.1007/s12035-018-1060-6.)


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