Environmental Consciousness

At Enerex, our concern for the environment is heavily weaved into our business philosophy and practices.  Our Environmental Initiatives Project is an ongoing way for us to recognize opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of running our business.  As a nutritional supplements company we supply wholesome options for people to achieve optimal health, but our customers – and our business – cannot reach this goal if our vision does not include the health of our planet. We actively engage in a business model incorporating green practices to make positive differences, whether small or big.

These are some of the initiatives that we undertake to ensure that Enerex is an active member in the healthy future of our planet.

  1. Recycling of paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, and other materials from the office.
  2. Using BPA-free PETE product bottles that are recycled.
  3. Printing our product literature and information cards on paper using vegetable inks. We use local printers to significantly reduce the carbon footprint in transportation.
  4. Using locally produced shipping materials, reducing the carbon footprint impact. Our packing is a natural cellulose based material that is biodegradable.
  5. Reducing and regulating office lights and heat after hours, with low impact LCD’s used as much as possible.


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