Enerex Black Seed Oil has grown exponentially in popularity over the last year. Your feedback on this wonderful product has been inspirational and a key driving force in our pursuit of efficacious premium products. 

Enerex Black Seed Oil has been entered in two categories of the Annual alive Magazine Awards. Our new 200ml size is entered in the New Product category and the 100ml size is entered under Healthy Oils and EFA’s category. We're asking for your vote!

Update: Enerex 100ml Black Seed Oil won Gold! The 200ml won Bronze!

Black Seed oil has been used for over 3000 years and is packed with over 100 active health-increasing compounds, the most notable, thymoquinone. Enerex Black Seed Oil contains the highest thymoquinone content on the market. Modern research shows this Ayurvedic Oil has powerful immune enhancing properties and helps fight bacteria and viruses and ease allergies and asthma.  Great for hair and skin, too!



  • Hi there, can you please tell me what the SU on your bottles of Serrapeptase stand for. What ever it is, 120,000 sounds like a lot of them! Please advise, together with perhaps a website from which I can read and print off information as requested.
    Thank you
    Mike & Gloria Murray
    Sidney BC .

    By Mike & Gloria Murray, Oct 07 - Saturday

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