A review of the seldom promoted Vitamin K shows that its benefits for bones, heart and even cancer are undervalued. October 2015 research from Missouri found that Vitamin K has several important functions, some of which are still being discovered. It states, “Vitamin K is an anticancer, bone-forming, anticalcification, and insulin-sensitizing molecule.” Vitamin K (K1 and K2) is important for proteins within the body to perform many functions including healthy blood clotting. 

Researchers found that Vitamin K deficiency is not uncommon. Although intestinal bacterial make Vitamin K2, the amount produced is negligible, and intake from food was considered in this research to be not enough to create all reactions needed from the vitamin K-dependent proteins. 

Drugs that deplete Vitamin K like warfarin (used to prevent stokes) may cause detrimental side effects, and might be alleviated by taking a vitamin K supplement. In addition to supplements, vitamin K1 is found in green leafy vegetables and olive oil, and Vitamin K2 is in chicken, egg yolks and cheese. 

 (James DiNicolantonio, Jaikrit Bhutani, James O’Keefe, “The health benefits of vitamin K”, Open Heart 2015;2: doi:10.1136, Saint Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri, US)


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