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8 Tips to Make Your Man Your Valentine

Make your man wish Valentine’s Day happened every day. Break a few rules and take a few risks to create romance and spice up your love life — no matter how many years you have been together. If you don’t change how you view your relationship, it won’t change. And that creates stagnation. This lover’s day, say, “Boredom begone!”
Try these 8 Tips to Make Your Man Your Valentine:
  1. Buy perfume that you wear only when lovemaking, and don another scent for other times. His sense of smell is directed by an area of the brain that also rules memory and emotion. Dabbing this specially designated scent on nape of neck and knees will trigger his memory – think Pavlov’s salivating dog theory – so that each time you wear it, he will think of one thing. Habitually wear it during lovemaking, and then surprise him with the scent one lazy afternoon and see what happens! 
  1. Don’t just buy him a card, Sext him. During the day at work, send a sexy text message that you are “waiting to give him your Valentine surprise.” Men love anticipation! 
  1. Instead of suggesting a formal restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day, choose a casual spot you may have gone to when you first started dating. This takes the pressure off the sometimes stressful holiday for a man. It lets him know he doesn’t need to fulfill expectations or spend a fortune (read: low maintenance), and encourages you both to reminisce. He can dress comfortably and be himself … and have dessert at home. 
  1. Play doctor. If he has performance trouble, persuade him to get a check-up. Although erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation often go undiagnosed, prostate diseases like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) are closely related since the prostate is an integral part of a man’s sexuality: proper ejaculation is dependent upon the gland. Half of all men who suffer from prostate disease also suffer from ED. 
  1. Cook him a Mediterranean meal. Research shows that those men who most closely follow the Mediterranean diet (consuming lots of fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and monounsaturated fats) had the lowest incidence of ED. And, of course, this diet will also keep him healthy and energetic. 
  1. Slip him a pill — but not “the blue pill.” Viagra’s drug sildenafil citrate is associated with numerous bad side effects and does nothing to increase sexual arousal. Just because the blood is pumping, doesn’t mean he is in the mood. Try herbal supplements known for centuries to increase desire like horny goat weed, damiana and maca.
  1. Of course, you need to feel sensual on V-Day. If by bedtime you’re too exhausted to do anything other than sleep, reconsider scheduling priorities. Few marital relationships deteriorate if they make a satisfying sex life a priority. If communication and emotional intimacy are lacking, read books like John Gray’s helpful classic, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus or Terrance Real’s How Do I Get Through to You? 
  1. If physical arousal is an issue for you, try passion-enhancing herbs like ginkgo biloba, which improves sexual function through increased blood flow, mucuna, an aphrodisiac that works with your pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine, and ashwagandha, recommended in the ancient sexual guide Kama Sutra for heightening the sexual experience.

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