According to the dictionary, having spring in your step means that you “walk energetically in a way that shows you are feeling happy.” If your energy and mood haven’t kept pace with the arrival of spring, you need a perk up.
Here are 5 quick tips to re-energize body and mind if your get-up and go has gotten up and left:
1. Do something nice for a stranger.
When you go out of your way to lift someone’s spirits, the good feelings they exude make you feel better. Helping a young mother carry their groceries, telling an elderly stranger that they look fabulous in their dress, asking a parking attendant about their day, retrieving a runaway ball for a child… Simple but thoughtful gestures and compliments go a long way in making someone else’s and your day. And kindness is contagious.
2. Go for a ten-minute walk in nature
No matter what the weather or your schedule calls for, regroup and refresh with a quick visit into nature every day. Your neighbourhood park will do. Studies prove that your blood pressure lowers, your mind “chatter” becomes quiet and you feel calmer simply by mingling with trees.  As you walk, swinging both arms stimulates both sides of the brain to enhance problem-solving and creativity. This not only brings a sense of wellbeing, increasing your brain’s happiness neurotransmitters, it improves productivity.
3. Get plenty of sleep.
Energy, motivation and an elevated mood start each morning with a good night’s sleep. Being well-rested helps you to focus on tasks and accomplish them better, bringing increased confidence, and helps prevent irritability, moodiness, food cravings and sleepy brain fog. Resolve to do whatever it takes to get eight hours of quality shut-eye.
4. Nurse your smoothie throughout the day
Frequent low doses of your energy-boosting smoothie – the amount in a half cup – are more effective than one large serving at keeping you alert, just like drinking coffee. The nutrients (and caffeine) are better absorbed this way. Keep it in the fridge and drink it periodically throughout the day.
Super-booster smoothie recipe: Combine 1 cup fresh kale, 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries or other antioxidant-rich berries, cooled green tea (steeped with 1 teabag in ½ cup water), 3 large dates (preferably Medjool), 1 teaspoon Greens powder, 1 banana, 1 cup almond or coconut milk, and 2 teaspoons ground golden flaxseed.
5. Let your inner child play.
Be on the lookout for opportunities to add playfulness to your day. Make a hopscotch board on your sidewalk – don’t let age deter you – and try it. Make everyday activities more fun: When doing errands, take your bicycle instead, or park a block from the store entrance and see if you can run there. Have a doodle pad ready when making phone calls at home. Put on rain gear and go into a downpour to enjoy the water, and treat yourself to a bubble bath afterward. Play in the dirt a little while longer when gardening. Approaching life in this way can help foster a more energetic, carefree outlook.


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