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If you’re starting a spring cleanse, remember that you don’t have to wait until a specific season or until you’re feeling sluggish to detoxify. Committing to a couple of days per month, or even a little bit every day, keeps your body healthy on a regular basis.
Here are 5 tips to consider during any inner cleansing process:
1. Don’t just detoxify your body.
A detox works best if you include other parts of your health. Is there another area you could improve upon to intensify your results, like cleansing your mind? Consider reducing your habitual texting/social media/cell phone/TV use during your cleanse to create a greater sense of calm. Try one-minute meditations to quiet that inner-voice chatter while walking in nature or while lying in bed before rising in the morning. Read an uplifting book, spend time with a child or pet, or indulge in a long bath to focus on self-care. And if there is one area of life causing more stress than others – a work problem, a needy friend, a difficult relationship at home – change your perception, resolve to look at it in a different light, and then take action to “cleanse” the toxic energy around it.
2. Get more sleep. 
Your body cleanses itself while you asleep, removing toxins that have accumulated in your brain throughout the day, and replenishing energy essential for detoxing. Toxins/metabolic waste are transported out of the body through cerebrospinal fluid. Your sleeping position, specifically sleeping on your side, helps stimulate your brain's nightly detoxification (according to Stony Brook University School of Medicine research). If you feel restless during a detox, don’t use medications that contribute to toxic build-up (drugs like Xanax take three days to leave the body while Valium can stay in your system for several weeks after your last dose).
3. Reconsider your roughage.
Most people know that fibre aids the detox process. However, getting the right type of fibre can go a long way in helping the body rid itself of toxins without feeling discomfort. Get fibre from whole plants rather than difficult-to-digest, high-carb cereal, bread and bulking agents like wheat bran. Don’t overdo fibre supplements/bulking agents like ground flax seeds, psyllium husk and inulin; a little goes a long way. Fibre from alkalizing fruits and vegetables helps you to eat your way to detoxification instead. Powerhouse veggies like beets pack nutrients (like betaine) that aid digestive bile, help the liver remove toxins from the body, and increase production of glutathione, used by cells to remove toxins. Superfood seeds like chia naturally contain 37% fibre, but also lots of calcium, protein and omega 3, packing more nutrients into your roughage.
4. Drink more water.
You’ve heard it before, but it’s too important not to repeat. It doesn’t have to be filtered, ozonated or mineralized. But it does have to be pure water to flush out toxins. How much? Some research shows women should get 2.7 litres and men 3.7 litres of water contained in all beverages and foods eaten each day. But everyone's needs vary depending on age, weight, physical activity, level of health, and the climate. Keep water near you to drink whenever you feel the urge. Add a squeeze of lemon for an extra cleansing boost. Warm or room temperature water is easier to digest than cold water, which may aid bowel elimination. Herbal tea, especially a cleansing variety, is a good addition, but with no added sweetener.
 5. Eat right.
It’s not just what you eat that is important; it’s how. Practice slow, focused chewing, and eating without distractions. This not only gives your body time to register that you're eating, preparing it for proper digestion, it allows your body to use its natural hunger/fullness cues that come into play much more slowly than you think (which is why you may eat too much and feel overly full later). Put the fork down after a few bites, and savour your food; you will enjoy it far more. This also helps you to breathe more slowly, which calms your system, and eliminates digestive upset symptoms.

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