5 Ways to Get Fit this January

Are you a goal maker? Do you write New Year’s resolutions, career goals, or a to-do list to accomplish for the workweek?
Getting fit just takes following through on a goal.
Goal setting is not just something you write down yearly or even daily. It includes thinking about what outcome you want to achieve prior to every action: e.g. what do you want to achieve by making a phone call? What outcome do you want when seeing a friend for lunch? For each action you take in a day, there is a specific outcome. Since you are thinking about outcomes subconsciously anyway, you might as well make more conscious decisions about what you want. This includes achieving your fitness goals.
Five Ways to Accomplish Fitness Goals
1. Score an easy goal. If your goal-setting muscles are weak because it’s been a while since you set a goal and achieved it, you need to gain confidence. Start now to build that muscle. Make one goal that you will achieve every day for the next week, even if it’s not exercise-related: e.g. “I will smile at a stranger every day.”   
2. Take steps. How did you get what you wanted in the past? For every goal you’ve ever achieved, whether it was getting tickets to a hockey game or getting the woman you wanted to marry you, you took five steps: a) You decided what you wanted b) You mentally focused on it c) You took action to achieve it d) You noticed if what you were doing was working or not e) You changed your approach if it wasn’t. These five steps can be used for being successful at an exercise program, too!
3. Make workouts a priority. Working out is like a job. Write fitness into your daily schedule book like it’s an important appointment you can’t miss.
4. Psyche yourself. Make working out a treat so it’s easy to stroke off your to-do list. For example, only allow yourself to read a celebrity gossip, fashion or fitness magazine when at the gym (on your phone or in print). To go for a run, choose a special location; drive to the beach or to a wealthy/scenic neighborhood that will keep you inspired while running. If you’ve worked out four times in a week, give yourself a healthy treat, like fresh strawberries in January.
5. Perk up your program. Change the line-up of tunes on your phone weekly to look forward to listening while on a cardio machine. Or talk to the person beside you ¾ it’s the best way to pass time. Sign up for a charity run and pay your membership now so you’ll be “training” for something. When you are feeling apathetic, tell yourself, “I only have to go to the gym/for a run for 10 minutes.” Once you begin, you will rarely stop after 10 minutes. But if you need to, allow yourself to stop. Don’t break promises.
Here is a quick pre-workout energy-boosting smoothie recipe to get you motivated:
1 cup milk/milk alternative
1/2 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger
1 small carrot, grated
1 banana
1 scoop your favourite protein powder
1 scoop your favourite Greens blend
Blend with processor until smooth.


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