Hops, the well-known component in beer, has been reported to reduce body fat. The hops plant’s natural chemicals called Iso-α-acids provide flavour and bitterness to beer, and they seem to especially decrease visceral (core abdominal) fat. A March, 2016 study from Japan investigated its effects on 200 men and women considered “healthy overweight” (a BMI of 25-30). The research used mature hops extract ─ said to be less bitter tasting than young hops extract used for other medicinal purposes.
After 12 weeks of drinking a beverage containing the extract (not beer), reduction of the abdominal fat area was determined by CT scan. Results showed a reduction especially in visceral fat after 12 weeks. Body weight and BMI changes after 12 weeks were: .0697 reduced weight and .0644 lower BMI than those drinking a placebo. In addition, waist and hip circumferences were slimmer after 4 weeks, showing a .05 change in each area. No other changes in diet or exercise were permitted for the study during that time. And no negative side effects were reported.

A reminder, it’s not beer that reduces weight but the Hops extract in the beer.
(Yumie Morimoto-Kobayashi, Kazuaki Oharaet al., “Matured hop extract reduces body fat in healthy overweight humans: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study”, 9 March 2016, Nutrition Journal 201615:25, Research Laboratories for Health Science and Food Technologies, Kirin Company, Japan)


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