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What will Mother’s Day bring? This Mother’s Day, many of us can’t be with our mothers due to covid. When isolation makes your annual celebration plans change, how do you express your love from a distance? Although it won’t seem quite the same as being in her physical presence, here are 10 Ways To Tell Mom You Love Her without being with her.
1. Make a special recipe together. Choose a favourite dish she’s made since your childhood that you have always wanted to learn directly from her, but haven’t. First, help her to set up Zoom, Skype, Facetime or other video conferencing tool (over the phone), and with the device placed in her kitchen, teach her how to use it. Then collect the ingredients for both of you (dropping them off at her door). And let her guide you through the recipe, step by step.
2. Learn together. Have you ever talked to her about learning a new language, taking a painting class, learning how to knit or improving your photography skills together? Research the many free online courses; choose one together; and decide to “meet” by telephone or video chat about what you’ve learned twice per week.
3. Sing a serenade. Is your mother in an eldercare home? Get your kids, family, or even friends (staying 6 feet apart) to sing a few favourite melodies from her era outside your mother’s window. If you know of anyone with musical talent that has an instrument, all the better! Hold balloons, dress in costume or create a big paper heart as visual extras.
4. Make a scrapbook. You’ve probably been collecting photos and other memorabilia from celebrations, holidays, and other important events over the years. Now might be a great time to make a scrapbook (using gloves) including those items that would interest your mother, and have it delivered.
5. Do some gardening. If you both like to garden, getting outdoors for fresh air and quality time together even when working from a distance can be very special. Buy her favourite plants, arrange with her to have all tools available at two sites in her garden and do some planting with her.
6. Get your adult kids to make something. It doesn’t matter how old your children are; when a grandmother gets a homemade gift from her grandchild, she recalls the memories of spending time with them as they grew. Make sure they make it wearing gloves and mask, and then deliver it to her door.
7. Read together. If your mother isn’t internet savvy, the phone works well to read passages aloud from a book that you both own. Offer her the book choice. If you each read a page (or if she prefers, you do all of the reading) and then you discuss what was written, you can have your own private book club.  
8. Buy Mom something special. If you tend to buy her flowers or household items each Mother’s Day, consider something very different this year. List several memories that could be recreated with little mementos, wrapped separately, with instructions to open just one per day, and talk with her about that memento each day. Put extra thought into the chats that you’ve had over the past year: Was something broken that she would like to have replaced? Is there a life dream she’s had that hasn’t come true yet? Or a special piece from her childhood home that you may find similarly represented (as an antique) on eBay or other online auction service?
9. Watch a movie. Consider sync-ing Netflix so you can watch a TV show or film together without being in the same room. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch from different locations, and even create a digital chatroom (provided by the streaming service) to discuss it while watching. Don’t forget the popcorn.
10. Plan a reunion. There is no better time to get relatives together to have a Zoom conference call. Whether they live in another country or just down the street, gather as many of your relatives (and mother’s relatives) as you can to have a special family reunion. Plan an agenda with topics for conversation, viewing time for talent — from singing to showing artwork, and walking tours of homes via laptop or cell phone.
And be sure to give each other a big virtual hug: instruct her to give herself a hug, wrapping her arms around herself as you do the same for yourself at the very same time!

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